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Jesus Arkhipov
Jesus Arkhipov

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Motorcycle Save Game !FULL!

in the game, players have a number of different cars to choose from, including sedans, sports cars, trucks, and a number of motorcycle models, as well as an off road buggy. all of the cars have been designed to take advantage of the in-game physics engine. one of the most obvious changes from the previous game is the requirement for players to purchase for real money, in-game vehicles for use in the races. these vehicles include a range of classic cars and sports cars, and can be purchased with either in-game 'tokens', which can be purchased in packs with real money, or with credit cards. tokens are earned from playing the game, and are the only way of purchasing car parts. the game also features a micro-transaction based system for purchasing upgrades, which can be used to improve the vehicles performance and appearance. the upgrade system has been expanded to include the previously available vehicles, and can be used to alter all the cars in the game. an example is a car that will be given a new paint job when the player purchases a new paint job for the car. this can be used to alter the appearance of a car outside of the in-game workshop. this upgrade system was criticized by reviewers for being inconsistent, as some cars have upgrades available in the workshop, but others do not. many of the in-game upgrades are cosmetic, such as different paint jobs. some of the upgrades cost money to purchase, and some allow players to gain access to exclusive content.

test drive unlimited 2 motorcycle save game

my complaints arent just that it plays like a bad copy of the original. its that it plays like a bad copy of its predecessor. the core game mechanics remain the same, but where the original tdu was (in its own way) revolutionary, tdu2 is just a clumsy, overweight, under-muscled runt of the same dreary species. the choices are the same. youre racing, racing, and racing. the same options are available, and theres the same variety of character in the game. you have the same sidekicks. theyre almost the same person, but he is a woman in the original and a man in the sequel. theyre both stupid, and theyre both annoying. you have the same kind of cars (the same kind, except that the ferrari f430 is better). you have the same kind of tracks (the same kind, except the original had it all, and unlimited2 doesnt, and while the original had some good ones, unlimited2 doesnt have anything better than the generic, soulless tracks in the game). the same kinds of people (the same kind, except the original had some seriously dangerous people in it. unlimited2 has mainly stupid people, and a few annoying characters that dont help in the slightest). the only difference is the graphics, and thats the only difference in the core game. its a very, very poor attempt to copy a very good game, and thats why it fails. its not a million miles away from those japanese games with all the little people and all the little cars, but its just nothing like them. the fact that its from the same studio that produced them, and was a huge success (its been ported to nearly every console and every platform), but not a hugely successful racing game, leads me to believe that this game should have been the best racing game in years, but instead it's the worst. so the next time you go out and buy a racing game, look for a very, very good racing game. not this one.

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