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How to Transform Your Hair with Beauty Hair Products, Services, and DIY Tricks

Beauty Hair & CO is an online beauty retailer with affordable salon quality brands at the tip of your fingers. With brands such as Derca, Callux Pro, Refectocil, Be Hair and many more. Quality that you can trust!

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We focus on the use of quality ingredients to nourish each strand of hair. By Black hair for Black hair, we have all the hair accessories, styling products, hair treatments, and more that your textured hair didn't have access to. We have something for every curly hair type and if you don't know where to start we have the resources to teach you about your hair. We are here to empower you. Our products are here to empower you. We want you to be empowered by your authentic Black Beauty and our products are how we do that. Say goodbye to damaged hair and be prepared to experience your hair to its fullest potential. At Pattern Beauty, we approach hair health in a holistic way. We have products to meet your hair in whatever stage it's in. We want to be involved in every step of your hair care routine to ensure your hair is getting the nourishment it deserves. Our products include shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, scalp treatments, argan oil, jojoba oil, different cleansing treatments, styling cream, and more.

Depends on your hair. For most hair types, we recommend the original VOLO Hero. If you have longer hair (think well past your shoulders) or significantly thicker hair that is difficult to dry, we recommend the Super Hero.

Sweet floral lavender + subtly spiced rosemary treats your hair to this deep, all naturally derived, penetrating moisture with no sulfates, and no alcohols, and no parabens, making this the perfect replacement for leave-in conditioners, stylers, and even hair masks. This product is truly an all-in-one for your hair.

Fine Hair: Rub a fingertip amount of Hair Balm onto palms of hands to spread product evenly. Then apply product to your hair, and use as a hair mask or leave-in conditioning balm to support healthier hair growth. Apply all throughout hair to help smooth frizz, and fly-aways without leaving hair greasy, or weighed down. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Add additional product as needed.

Curly Hair + Kinky Hair: Replaces leave-in conditioners, oils, curl defining creams, mouses, and more! Start by rubbing a fingertip amount onto palms of hands after washing your hair. Apply to hair starting from the scalp and work product all the way to the ends of the hair. Apply additional product as needed. Use as a daily moisturizer to support healthier hair growth. Great for braids, twists, wash-n-go's and more! Use on wet or dry hair.

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Relaxed Hair: Rub a fingertip amount of Hair Balm onto palms of hands, and apply to hair as a daily moisturizer on dry hair, ends, and scalp, apply additional product as needed. Supports healthy hair growth . Helps smooth split ends, and frizz on processed hair.

Locs: Use to twist and loc hair. Rub a fingertip amount of Hair Balm onto palms of hands and apply to hair as a daily moisturizer on wet or dry hair, add additional product as needed. Moisturizes without causing build up on Lots.

This product is just the right weight to smooth frizz, without leaving hair feeling greasy, or weighed down. After washing, begin by applying a fingertip amount to palms of hands, and apply to hair from root to tip. Comb through, and apply additional product as needed. Style as desired. Use as a daily moisturizer and styler on dry or wet hair.

I frequently blow dry my hair, sometimes straighten it or curl it, and on top of all the heat-styling, I usually get highlights once or twice a year. So, whenever my fine hair starts to look dull or fried, I know why.

A hair mask is an easy and affordable way to give damaged strands some extra TLC from the comfort of your own home. But even though they're super low-maintenance, I rarely take the time to add this step into my routine.

These days, I've found myself with a lot more free time than usual. As social distancing continues, gone are the days where I found my schedule booked with workout classes, birthday parties, dinners with friends, and other activities. As a silver lining, I've come to appreciate the things that ample free time has allowed me to do. Like many others, I've let myself indulge in the elaborate skincare routines and haircare regimens that I pushed aside before. And that includes using this Function of Beauty Hair Mask.

Function of Beauty has a whole line of custom haircare products, but this is the one worth writing home about. Truthfully, I didn't love my Function of Beauty shampoo or conditioner. Although I liked the personalization process, I didn't feel that the products worked any better than my favorite drugstore options, especially for the higher price tag. So, I approached the brand's hair mask with low expectations. I'm happy to report that they were exceeded after the first use.

While you might think hair masks are akin to conditioners, the reality is that they're even more powerful. With more active ingredients than a typical conditioner formula, hair masks actually penetrate individual cuticles and help strengthen hair from the roots. A few minutes with a hair mask on your damaged strands can make a world of difference.

While there are plenty of great options out there, I love Function of Beauty's for a few reasons. First and foremost is the clean ingredient list. It's vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free, so I feel good knowing it'll be kind to my sensitive skin. Additionally, I have pretty thin hair, so I'm wary of using masks for fear that they'll make my hair greasy. Since Function of Beauty's formula is customized, it takes all of your hair qualms and goals into account. Here's a deep-dive into how that process works.

The hair quiz tells the FOB team everything they need to know about your hair, and the brand's algorithms work to find you the perfect formula. You also can choose the color and fragrance, and you even get to choose the name on your tub.

Because it's a customized formula, everyone's ingredient list and directions for how long to use the mask will differ. Generally, all of the masks feature nourishing argan oil and jojoba oil. The formulation isn't oily, and it has a thick, smooth texture. Function of Beauty recommends you use the mask in the shower. After shampooing and conditioning, you'll apply the mask from the mid-shaft of your hair to the ends, leave in for the recommended time, and then rinse. To be honest, I haven't always followed the directions this way, and it's still worked wonders for moisturizing my dry, damaged locks.

Show off shiny, silky, smooth hair with hair products for all hair types & textures. Our selection of must-have haircare offers a variety of shower staples you're sure to love. Stock up on every essential to keep hair happy & healthy, from invigorating scalp shampoos to targeted at home hair treatments. Curls feeling a little out of control? We've got you covered with our popular Pineapple Curls haircare collection, full of favorites for keeping curls tame, bouncy & looking their best. Searching for the perfect hair products for gorgeous, beachy waves? Our Salty Waves haircare selection is sure to be your new go-to guarantee for getting that beautiful, beachy, surfer girl vibe. From classic & shampoos, to moisture rich conditioners, to hydrating hair treatments & soothing hair styling solutions, let Pacifica be your one-stop-shop to meet all your haircare needs. Enjoy the effortless ease of achieving flawless hair with our 100% cruelty-free & vegan hair products that are dedicated to protecting our planet from harmful pollutants while providing perfect hair results. Finally, haircare that has you both looking & feeling fabulous, because you deserve to feel good about gorgeous hair. So, shop now & get styling! Happy, healthy hair awaits!

Using the Tria Hair Removal Laser as directed for at least 8 treatments, most users will achieve a substantial visible reduction in hair regrowth, and additional treatments may result in additional reductions. Depending on skin tone, hair color, body part, treatment level, and other factors, individual results from laser hair removal may range from complete reduction to little or no reduction.

Betty Beauty offers safe color for the hair down there for both women AND men! Betty Beauty is a gentle pubic hair dye that naturally colors, covers grays, and brightens to match your locks above.

K-Beauty Hair Salon offers a full line of hair salon services for men and women including cutting, styling and coloring. Our goal is to bring you the latest K-pop hair style. Our hair stylists regularly update their skills to bring you the latest trend.

Repit is derived from the French word rest. We are a professional hair brand that pursues healthy beauty, prevents hair damage caused by heat and harsh chemicals. We are working hard to protect the health of our customers by using ingredients filled with nutrients and moisture obtained from clean nature.

Made by US-based custom haircare brand Function of Beauty (a total game changer for the fluffy haired like me), this serum represents a world first for being the only one that is personalised to your specific hair type.

You can pick up to five goals out of a possible 18. Since my hair is pretty much unmanageable to begin with (even before I start loading it with highlights) I always go for the same; shine, anti-frizz, deep condition, shine, straighten and hydrate.

Because if you want a ton of hair-nourishing ingredients then this has them by the boat load. But if you just want something silicone-based and heavy enough to de-frizz then there are certainly high street options that will do the job with less of a price tag.

Having said that, anyone who loves the scents that are unique to Function of Beauty will like the ability to carry the scent from their custom shampoo and conditioner through to the rest of their haircare.

But what I will absolutely continue using though is my *absolutely brilliant* Function of Beauty custom shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner, which have single-handedly made most hair days good ones, and called off my years-long search for the perfect products to suit my own fluffball hair.

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