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Jesus Arkhipov
Jesus Arkhipov

CloudTV 3.9.3

With CloudTV, Daiwa TV said that it is providing consumers with the best of the Smart TV experience. CloudTV H5 IP allows Daiwa TV to choose a model that best suits their needs and delivers the best of the experience.

CloudTV 3.9.3


The Q channels will be launched via the interface of the CloudTV customized branded channel guide upon start up of the SmartTV. The channels will be featured among other leading SVOD and entertainment brands and be monetized on a revenue share basis via ad serving insertion technology pulling from the Google Ad Network and other leading programmatic ad serving platforms.

Customers will be able to access the CloudTV interface from any device and easily access content from Prime Video, the worlds leading online entertainment service, with millions of titles, hit TV series and movies.

Mr. Arjun Bajaj, CEO, Daiwa TV said, With India being the second largest market for TV, smartphones and the internet, we are confident that the CloudTV platform will further penetrate the market. India is unique in that it is a massive market with the second largest number of smartphone connections globally. It will provide us the chance to sell additional content and increase the reach of Prime Video and other channels launched on the CloudTV platform in the future.

cloudtv allows the tv providers to deliver superior viewing experiences by eliminating the limitations of the device and replacing it with the user. the main goal of the cloudtv distribution channel is to provide the user with a complete and personalized tv viewing experience.

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