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WinTV 7 CD 1.1 Download Pc

At first I really liked this. It was and still is a good tranfer of what the product is like in person. Until I figured out that this is a dvd burner, not a hard drive, that is. When I turned the computer on, I had no workable drive. There is no way to format it. There is a computer, but there is no way to access it. The computer is seing it as a hard drive and can't read it. I have to have an extreme amount of time with the WinTv 7 software in order to see this, and even then it is difficult to find the information I need. You can't just hit enter to start ripping a DVD to this device. The WinTV Live software is great until you have to use it. It crashes at inconvenient times. The interface is horrible. With that said, this is a great set up for a Triax system. I didn't find the DVD burner any more difficult to use then the 950 DVD burner is. I know the 950 is difficult to operate because I have it in my unit now, but the Wand still was easy to operate. When the burner failed, I called Triax and the part was shipped to them and the repair was done in a matter of a few days. I have had my Triax unit for over 2 months now, and there has not been a single issue with it. The warranty was a bit longer than Triax wanted, but they only covered the part, not a replacement. I also got the USB adapter for less than the 950 included accessory kit. Even with the kit, the device is already worth more to me than the device itself. If you have the money, and you do have the money, this is a great option for your Triax system. When it comes to the Triax, the only thing I would change would be a more optimal way to read a DVD, or a USB port that burned media. I wish I still had my 950, but I would prefer the Wand.

WinTV 7 CD 1.1 download pc

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