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Stalker How To Spawn Items [CRACKED]

A group of stalkers, for the first time, reaches the very heart of the Zone-the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant-and triggers a cataclysm on the brink of a catastrophe. An immense blast of anomalous energy transforms the Zone: the once reliable and relatively safe roads are no longer so, the landscape is wiped clean by outbursts of anomalies, and previously unknown areas appear on the Zone map. Stalkers and expeditions perish or end up isolated within the lost territories.

Stalker How To Spawn Items

-Re-wrote most of the code. Why? Drumroll please...-An actual in-game spawn menu!-Easier spawning. Now you don't have to run away when something is spawned near you! Ability to offset monsters/stalkers in-game, in four directions.-Minor re-balancing of cut-out monsters. Yes, I know some are too powerful or too weak. The reason behind this is that their statistics were unfinished by GSC, leaving modders to improvise.-Fixed some Cat sounds. >_>

What is it? Helios Mod is a collection of scripts for spawning artifacts, armour, weapons, ammo, quest items, monsters, and stalkers. Everything else is either for the cut-out monsters or the menu. If you don't want them, please download an earlier version of this mod. It's not that simple for me to redo the whole menu just to remove the monsters.

How does it work? Helios Mod is enabled through the main menu. If items are spawned, they will go directly inside Scar's inventory. If a monster/stalker is spawned, it will spawn according to the co-ordinates you enter into the location console included in the menu. If you don't enter anything, it will spawn right near you.

6) If you want to spawn items, simply click the button of the items you want to spawn. For an NPC, enter co-ordinates into the location console in the middle of the menu. The four directions you can spawn a monster/stalker is north, south, east, and west. If you're confused, refer to the PDA map (Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is always North) for directions. You only have to enter the first letter of the direction, so "N" for north, "S" for south, "E" for east, and "W" for west. Hint: Use the phrase "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" to remember the compass, because it goes clockwise. Then enter a number to indicate the number of units you would like to offset by from Scar. Remember, the direction and number have to be seperated by a comma. Examples: (N,10), (e,50), (S,2), etc.

8) That's it! Either items have been spawned in your inventory or an NPC according to given co-ordinates. REMEMBER: To return to the game from the Spawn Menu, either by clicking button "Quit" or pressing ESC.

Known Bugs: If you spawn an NPC on a weird place, like a fence or tree, the game WILL crash/freeze. This is because monsters/stalkers are not configured to walk there! Only spawn them on the ground, roofs, watch-towers, etc. If an NPC is not being spawned, this means you're trying to spawn it inside a wall or water. Simply change the co-ordinates. If the game crashes while loading or something else, I cannot fix it because Clear Sky is unstable by itself.

1 = All artifacts + detectors, including the Compass artifact.2 = All armors.3 = All weapons.4 = Pistol ammo: 50*9x18 pmm, 50*9x18 fmj, 50*11.43x23 hydro, 50*11.43x23 fmj. I also included the machine-gun ammo (100*PKM) here to save space.5 = Shotgun ammo: 25*12x70 buck, 25*12x76 dart, 25*12x76 zhekan. Also here is 75*9x19 pbp, 75*9x19 fmj.6 = Assault rifle ammo: 75*5.45x39 ap, 75*5.45x39 fmj, 75*5.56x45 ss190, 75*5.56x45 ap, 75*9x39 ap, 75*9x39 pab9.7 = Sniper ammo: 25*7.62x54 7h14, 25*7.62x54 7h1, 25*7.62x54 ap. Also here are 25 Gauss rounds.8 = Grenades: 5*rgd5, 5*f1, 5*gd-05(SMOKESCREEN! YAY!). Also here are 5*og-7b, 5*vog-25p, 5*vog-25, 5*m209 grenades.9 = Supplies: 10 x bandages, 2 x regular medkits, 2 x scientific medkits, 2 x army medkits, 5 x antirad, 1 x bread, 1 x sausage, 1 x canned food, 2 x vodka, 5 x energy drinks.0 = Misc. and quest items: This category is experimental simply because I included everything here that I couldn't fit into other categories. Everything from a harmonica to monster parts is included here, so try it out for yourself. I included quest items but somehow they aren't working for me. Give it a try and tell me if it works. :/

How? I just broke my game again, and unfortunately, my gamedata backup too. All my saves got corrupted. Spawning items would be a useful thing to know how to do to counteract some of the issues that go hand in hand with testing mods..

EDIT: NVM, found guide on debug mode. Nice to see that a system has been built in. If you yourself are here out of curiosity, wanting to know how to spawn items in Anomaly.. Debug mode can be activated from the Anomaly Launcher, it's a checkbox. Press escape after you load a game, bottom left corner of pause menu screen should have instructions.

I guess, position needs no explanation, except one nuance: height is Y, not Z.Position can be created with vector():set(x,y,z), where x, y, and z are coordinates of a point in the level in which we are spawning the object.

The next parameter is much more interesting; game_vertex_id() is almost the same thing as level_vertex_id(), except that it is a global value!Whereas level_vertex_id() is calculated for the level, game_vertex_id() is for the whole game, and is necessary to indicate which map to spawn the object on (I could not come up with a more sensible explanation).

Now, "fly" to the factory. We have to choose a location for spawning objects, and this mode is perfect for it. Set the camera in the location of the planned spawn and record the coordinates. I got 115, -6, -16.

During the writing of the article the original zombie_stori.script from horror-mod was used. The spawn concept has been carried over practically unaltered, therefore I certainly have no claim to the authorship of this method. :)

Pech are short humanoid neutral mobs that roam through magical biomes. Greedy and materialistic, they wander about picking up any dropped items they come across and hoarding them in the large packs strapped to their backs. By gifting pech some valuable items, players can briefly tame them, allowing players to barter with them for some of their rarer treasures.

Pech can spawn on any solid block at any light level. They will spawn only in the magical forest and eerie biomes while in the Overworld. Pech will not spawn in other dimensions such as the Nether or the End even if the biome has been changed.

If a pech is carrying a tool in its hand, it has a 20% chance to be dropped on death. Tools that spawn in the pech's hand will have a random amount of damage applied to them, similar to other mobs that can spawn with equipment. If the tool happens to be a wand, the wand will be randomly charged with 0-4 aer, ignis, and ordo vis and 2-8 aqua, terra, and perditio vis, and it will be capped with the Pech's Curse wand focus.

If the pech has picked up any items on the ground and put them in its inventory, most of them will also be dropped in addition to the other drops. Each stack of items in the pech's inventory has an 88% chance to be dropped on death.

Should an idle pech spot an item nearby, it will quickly run toward the item and attempt to pick it up. If the item is not one of its valued items, it will put the item in its inventory if there is room for it. Each pech has a hidden inventory of 9 slots, in addition to being able to hold something in its hand.

It should be noted that pech will pick up items by the stack, and the pech will only considers the type of stack when determining its value, not the stack's size. For example, a stack of 64 gold ingots will have the same value as only 1 gold ingot alone. Thus, a player attempting to tame a pech by dropping valuable items for it to pick up should drop the items one at a time to not waste resources.

Tamed pech do not flee from players, nor do they pursue items to pick them up, even if their inventory has room or if the item is a valuable item. A tamed pech that is being bartered with will stop moving and stare at their trading partner until the bartering has concluded.

When attacked, pech will become hostile to whatever attacked them. Unarmed pech or pech holding melee weapons will charge their aggressor and strike with melee attacks. Pech stalkers holding bows will stand back and shoot arrows. Pech thaumaturges holding wands will stand back and shoot blasts from the Pech's Curse wand focus.

Pech that have begun attacking a target will ignore picking up all items. They will remain in this state until their target has been killed. Pech will switch targets to whatever has most recently attacked them, including other pech.

Each pech has one of three professions, indicated by their clothing. A pech's profession determines the loot that can be obtained from bartering with it. The profession also determines what weapon they will initially spawn with.

The items that can be received from a successful barter depend on the offered item's value, the pech's current inventory, the pech's profession, and the game's dungeon loot table. In general, each pech has a set list of items related to its profession that it can reward as loot, where each item in the list is assigned a specific rarity. The higher the value of the offered item, the higher the chance that an item of higher rarity can be received.

If offered items of lower value, there is a relatively high chance that the player may receive items that the pech has picked up off of the ground instead of loot, if the pech has picked anything up prior to bartering. If offered items of higher value, it becomes possible to receive items that can be found in dungeon loot chests instead of the pech's normal loot.

Each time a successful barter occurs, the pech has a chance to return to untamed behavior. When this occurs, the GUI window will immediately close and the pech will once again flee from the player. The last bartering trade still occurs, but due to the GUI closing, the resultant loot along with any offered items still left in the input slot will be immediately dropped in the world, allowing the pech to pick them up if they are not picked up by the player first. To resume bartering, the player must re-tame the pech again. A pech can be tamed and untamed in this way an unlimited number of times.

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