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You Have Requested : Ncis.Los.Angeles.S13E22.MP... ((EXCLUSIVE))

Fill sorry for Deeks now he has two females in his life that will ignore him and make him sad and lonely. Poor Deeks he deserves so much better. And could they have not found a actress that actually looks like a teenager and not a 26 years adult.Really.,,, kinda creepy. My son who is 12 like me why are they fostering a grow up? Out of the mouth of babes.

You have requested : Ncis.Los.Angeles.S13E22.MP...


I like what Jane had to say and agree wholeheartedly with how great these actors get along together. My greatest wish would be to change the day and time of the series. It does not seem fair to always have them follow Sunday football, golf, and award ceremonies. NCIS Hawaii gets a better time slot and is really nowhere in the ball park compared to this series. In fact, with Magnum PI gone why not put them in that time slot so there is no more preempting. It was better when they followed NCIS way back in the day . Please CBS wake up! You have strong followers on this series so change the time/ day!

I did think for a minute there that Grisha/Chris was going to announce his retirement. Since you mention it, this episode might have been filmed as a "just in case" parting, the history of network TV being what it is and the cost of everything suddenly rising.

As far as the happy ending is concerned, last year, the showrunners said they wanted to give viewers a feel-good ending to the season after the year we've had. Don't know when they wrapped filming but given that they didn't bring back Hetty, left open the story with the guy whose name I've forgotten and only the Katya story is (hopefully) tied up, they may just have wanted to give us a feel-good ending again.

Yeah, that was cute and could have worked as series finale if necessary. Cupcake arms dealer was one of those quirky characters that can really lighten up things (if not over-used), I hope we'll see her again.

Not sure what happens next season as far as Hetty goes and I'm not interested in Callen trying to track down this Pennbroke person. I'm hoping they'll ease up on the Kensi/Deeks parenting thing. Deeks was his usual annoying self this epi. I know they are interested in trying to adopt Pilar as well but hopefully they don't shove it down our throats like they have this season.

The episode would certainly have worked as a series final but I'm glad that it's not. I really want to see what I'm expecting will be a bit of a crazy wedding and I hope we get to see it. (Though Callen strikes me as the kind of guy who'd be happy to elope and tie the knot at a beach somewhere with just the two of them present. I don't think Anna would want that, though).

Forgot to add that to my last post: I would have liked more information on that, too. They're fostering her so I'm assuming she's been granted a legal status but I think they still have to prove that she's an orphan in order to adopt her. So, it looks like there's plenty of story left for next season (not that I'm desperate for that, just saying. Although, I do prefer this over the constant baby talk and what amounted to almost an obsession of having their own child).

Fans of two-time Teen Choice: Action Actress (and Academy Award) winner Linda Hunt will have to wait a while longer to see Hetty back on NCIS: Los Angeles.Every JAG, NCIS, Five-0 and Magnum CrossoverLaunch List

Suddenly, the sheep outside start freaking out, and gunfire tears through the cottage. Everybody shoots back, and a car peels away. Realizing that they still have a bit of a mole problem, they decide to take Terdei to the U.S. for safekeeping, but nobody answers my main question: ARE THE SHEEP OKAY?

I have watched NCIS:LA from the beginning. I love the characters together, and individually. All the couples have been well suited for each other. I am disappointed that after all these years, Callen is given a love interest, and she turns out to be a blonde "thirtysomething". Anna is 15 years younger, so it looks like Callen is going through a mid-life crisis. He has chased her for a while. I was hoping for a more substantial relationship for him with a woman closer to his own age; now that he is a senior. Are there no middle-aged, beautiful, intelligent, talented female actors in Hollywood?

Even the most casual fans of the wildly popular CBS investigative series "NCIS" know that the will-they-won't-they flirtatious relationship between agents Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) was a major point of interest over several seasons. Ever since de Pablo's character made her first appearance in the show's third season (IMDb), she seemed to know just which buttons to push to get a rise out of Weatherly's playboy persona, and over time, it's obvious to everyone that the two have fallen hard for each other.

A Reddit thread called "why did Tony and Ziva never get together?" gave fans a chance to talk about why they think they haven't seen the fan favorite "NCIS" couple actually get together on screen. u/FanEu953 started the discussion, writing, "Just weird how they teased them [Tony and Ziva] for so many seasons and then they never get together officially and we never see them in a relationship."

For instance, u/TEG24601 hypothesized it was "partially because they didn't want to have an on-screen relationship, as the writers are horrible at it. ... It is implied that Ziva and Tony were in their relationship on the DL for a long time, with the blessing of Gibbs, because it didn't affect their work." u/FanEu953 expressed fans' general shared frustration, writing, "Wish we at least saw them as a family."

One of the reasons a couple of Redditors noted about why "NCIS" has failed to deliver an on-screen reunion between Ziva and Tony as lovers is that they simply ran out of time together. As u/AraCand wrote, we haven't seen the two characters as a couple because the actress playing Ziva "left suddenly before the characters officially got together on screen."

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