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Jesus Arkhipov
Jesus Arkhipov

You Have Requested : Ncis.Los.Angeles.S13E22.MP... ((EXCLUSIVE))

Fill sorry for Deeks now he has two females in his life that will ignore him and make him sad and lonely. Poor Deeks he deserves so much better. And could they have not found a actress that actually looks like a teenager and not a 26 years adult.Really.,,, kinda creepy. My son who is 12 like me why are they fostering a grow up? Out of the mouth of babes.

You have requested : Ncis.Los.Angeles.S13E22.MP...


I like what Jane had to say and agree wholeheartedly with how great these actors get along together. My greatest wish would be to change the day and time of the series. It does not seem fair to always have them follow Sunday football, golf, and award ceremonies. NCIS Hawaii gets a better time slot and is really nowhere in the ball park compared to this series. In fact, with Magnum PI gone why not put the